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Are you a marketing professional looking for more control over your career?

Become a fractional CMO and work with business leaders to transform their marketing. Make a real difference and enjoy what you do.

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Who we are

We’re a network of fractional CMOs based in Thailand providing marketing leadership to mid-sized organizations around the world.

As part-time C-suite advisers, we can focus on the most impactful, highest-value initiatives without getting caught up in day-to-day operations.

Why join us?

Joining Growth Connect gives experienced marketers the flexibility that usually comes only from working independently, plus the benefits of a peer network typically found only in large organizations.

You can have the best of both worlds: The security and support of a full-time job with the independence to choose your own clients and schedule.

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What you’ll be doing

As a Growth Connect Fractional CMO, you’ll dedicate a fixed number of hours to 2–3 clients at a time. You’ll be their expert marketing strategist, helping them develop their capabilities and driving initiatives forward in ways that less experienced hires or outsourced vendors cannot.

Developing marketing vision and strategy

You give your clients a strategic advantage by developing their foundational brand messaging, identifying their ideal customers, and then planning the content to meet those customer needs.

Building and leading in-house marketing teams

You lead your client’s marketing team if they have one, and help them hire and train people if they don't. They'll rely on you for strategy and tactics, and you'll report to the leadership of the organization on goals and progress.

Establishing repeatable marketing systems

You provide methodologies and 90-day campaign systems that are easy to manage, capture leads consistently, and become part of your client’s SOPs.


icon benefit performance related pay

Performance-based pay

Revenue-sharing lets you dictate your earnings while Growth Connect provides the stability you can't get working alone.

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Control your client numbers, working hours, location, and your level of engagement.

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A community of peers

Share ideas and feedback with a team of talented and like-minded marketing professionals.

icon benefit career growth

Career growth

Sharpen your marketing and consulting skills while broadening and deepening your portfolio.

icon benefit gc website branding

Personal website and branding

You’ll join an established and reputable company, but have the ability to build and promote your personal brand.

icon benefit access to experts

Access to a network of specialists

You have the option to leverage our website building professionals directly through communication and collaboration platforms.

icon benefit residency thailand

Residency in Thailand

Including a visa and work permit, full employment contract, annual discretionary allowance, and other perks.

icon benefit bangkok office space

Dedicated Bangkok office space

Whenever you need it, with hot desks, videoconferencing, IT support, and a lounge with coffee, etc.

icon benefit health insurance

Health insurance

That covers a wide range of both public and private hospitals, nationwide.

icon benefit local admin support

Local admin support

An HR team to handle immigration, tax, insurance, and other tasks that facilitate your expat life in Thailand.

What’s required?

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10+ years of marketing experience with at least 3 years in a senior leadership role

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Motivation to build a CMO consulting career as part of an international brand and team

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Proven ability to collaborate with C-suite and sales teams to lead marketing strategy and initiatives

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Reliable availability up to 40 hours a week for long-term engagements (12+ months)

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Someone who is digital-savvy and an expert at omnichannel marketing

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An experienced networker who is skilled at nurturing relationships and referrals

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A lifelong learner who values new experiences, opportunities, and challenges

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Participation in peer group/learning events and contributions to thought-leadership content (blog articles, website reviews, etc.)

Alignment with Growth Connect guiding principles:

Strategy first

Create for

Quality over

Persuade with

Play the long

Alignment with our values:

We put our heart into our work and focus on delivering results. We are self-motivated and always find opportunities to make things better. We know that standing still means falling behind, so we iterate and improve every day.

We set objectives, take ownership, and get things done. We pull our weight. By maximizing our time, we are able to consistently meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

We treat our clients with respect by being honest and radically transparent. We only recommend marketing solutions that we fully believe in. We operate as if we are internal to our client’s team, not an outsourced vendor.

We believe ‘playing it safe’ is dangerous, and disruption can lead to the biggest successes. We challenge the status quo and look for new ways to deliver value. When there’s something we don’t believe in, we push back and speak with conviction.

We believe in lifelong learning. Our curiosity in our clients’ businesses allows us to provide better marketing strategies. By asking thoughtful questions and being open-minded, we gain insights that lead to innovative solutions and meaningful results.

What’s the process?



Follow the link below to introduce yourself and share your CV.


Join Growth Connect

After vetting and training, meet your network of peers in Thailand.


Build your ideal career

Work with the clients of your choice and make a real impact.

How do we know we’re a fit?

We’re a great fit if…

We’re not a fit if…

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re already operating a successful fractional CMO or consulting business that’s scaling effectively, Growth Connect is probably not a fit.

But if you’re ready to leave the corporate environment and don’t want to take the leap into starting a business from scratch, Growth Connect is an excellent option.

We offer an entrepreneurial path with far less risk: You choose your own clients and schedule, and we provide a marketing methodology, a platform for you to promote your services, a group of peers to learn with, and a pool of talented specialists to help with execution.

Yes, if you have existing clients you can continue working with them after you join Growth Connect. However, these clients must be invoiced through Growth Connect while you are an employee. If you leave Growth Connect, you will be able to take back full ownership of these clients.

We provide baseline rates and contracts for guidance, but you can create custom solutions and set your own rates. You receive the majority of the revenue through a generous revenue-sharing scheme.

Not really. You have the flexibility to choose how many clients you work with so you can achieve your ideal work-life balance, but this is not a side gig to earn extra cash.

Yes, however Growth Connect is based in Thailand and we are only able to hire employees who reside in Thailand. This is one of the major benefits of our employee contract: You can legally live and work in one of the most appealing countries in the world.

For especially qualified applicants, you can join as a contractor from your current location and later decide if you’d like to move to Thailand. However, you will only be eligible for employee benefits if you are hired as an employee in Thailand.

No, employees can reside anywhere in Thailand. Contractors can work from anywhere in the world.

Absolutely! Our fractional CMOs based in Thailand typically meet once a week online and once a month in person.

Yes, you need to conduct your own outreach through email, video, and networking events. However, we provide material for outreach campaigns and help you boost credibility through the Growth Connect brand and website.

Yes, you will be sitting on your client’s side of the table for any production services, so you are free to use and recommend the resources that best match their needs and budget.

Yes, you’ll receive the salary required to sponsor an expat work permit in Thailand. However, the majority of your income will be performance-related pay based on your client revenue.

Yes, continued employment is contingent on Growth Connect fractional CMOs managing a minimum monthly revenue. This can typically be achieved with just one or two clients.

Yes, business-level English proficiency is required. The Growth Connect team works 100% in English and, since our clientele are global, the majority of our client communication is in English as well.

That said, our talent network consists of specialists from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Lithuania, Thailand, and many other countries. We work with many non-native English speakers.