Our Process

Here’s how we’ll work together to grow your business.

Your pathway to marketing success

Discovery session

You meet with a candidate fCMO to discuss your business and goals, hear their ideas and approach, and make sure you’re a good fit for each other.

Marketing strategy

Your fCMO researches your business and interviews your team to create customized messaging that targets your ideal customers through quarterly managed campaigns.

Marketing systems

Your fCMO ensures you have the right people, tools, and processes for executing your strategic marketing campaigns and monitoring the results.

Marketing guidance

Your fCMO adapts their engagement level as you develop in-house competency, ultimately hiring and training their successor who becomes your own internal marketing leader.

What our clients are saying

We feel our messaging is very targeted now. The process helped us really define our target market and make our messaging very specific. Our leads have become regular – around one per week, just from our website.

Jamie Lustfield

Account Manager, A Couple of Gurus

Scott will take you through foundational work so that you can better understand the clients your company is pursuing. That foundational work is incredibly important and valuable.

Mark Friedman

Managing Director, Baan Thai

Working with our fractional CMO got us to focus on what makes us different and how to get that message across. We’re now able to expand our messaging to target the specific industries that align with our long-term goals.

Jason Buckley

CEO, Jasco Technology

What you should know about working with Growth Connect

We work from the inside.

You’re not hiring an agency – your fCMO will work from inside your company, just like any other member of your leadership team. They’ll deliver strategy and guidance, but they’ll need to rely on others for execution. They can lead the team you have, or start building the team you need.

We adapt to your needs.

Growth Connect’s mission is for clients to develop their own marketing competency, and since no two businesses are the same, no one-size-fits-all solution will work. This means we are flexible and every engagement contract is unique. Best of all, your fCMO will build your internal capabilities, so you don’t need to rely on us forever.

We don’t lock you in.

We’re confident you’ll benefit from working with your fCMO almost immediately. You’ll feel a weight off your shoulders. But we don’t expect you to just trust us on this. If you and your fCMO feel you’re a good fit and decide to continue together, Growth Connect requires only a rolling 3-month commitment. There are no long-term contracts and no penalties for terminating.

What to expect when partnering with a fractional CMO

They onboard like any internal hire.

Your fCMO gets an email address, internal chat ID, and access to your systems so they can learn everything they need to know about your business’s gaps and untapped potential.

They work closely with your leadership team.

Your fCMO interviews your leadership teams at the outset to understand the challenges they’re facing; this communication is ongoing so everyone at your business is aware and engaged with your marketing activities.

They have responsibilities just like other leaders.

Your fCMO is the accountable leader you’ve been lacking, so just like your in-house leadership, they’re responsible for maximizing your budgets, and protecting your intellectual property.

They align on your marketing goals and budget.

Your fCMO uses their access to your systems to study your financials.

Their working hours are 100% output-oriented.

Your new CMO is fractional, so you’re not paying them for admin duties or non-strategic tasks. They’ll need to use your in-house marketing team for execution, or they’ll need to start hiring and training people.

They typically recruit and train their replacement.

This is the ultimate goal of the Growth Connect model, and the clear indication you’ve developed in-house marketing competency that will grow your business consistently into the future.

What’s best for my business?

Book your 15-minute call and figure out if we’re a fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our network of fractional CMOs are American, French, and Australian expats who are based out of Thailand. The lower cost of living in Thailand allows us to provide services at competitive rates.

No, prices vary slightly depending on the experience level of the fractional CMO. We’ll make sure to get you connected to a fractional CMO that’s within your budget and well-suited to help your business.

Yes, we do. The tiers listed in the pricing table represent the most common scenarios based on our experience. Once you get on a call with an fCMO, you can work together to define the engagement level that best sets you up for success.

No, you may hire a fractional CMO as a leader, coach, or advisor. However, the most common path is to start at the fCMO leader level and reduce the engagement level over time. This is because building the marketing foundation is the most time consuming part of the process. The goal of your fractional CMO is to build a self-sufficient team from within your organization. After about 6-12 months, once the appropriate team members are hired and trained, your fractional CMO will take a step back and act as a coach until the team is confident on their own. Then your fCMO will remain accessible as an advisor for as long as you need them.

Yes, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you and your fCMO agree to a partnership and you later discover it’s not a good fit, you’ll get 100% of your first month’s payment back. It’s seriously zero risk.

Monthly. The first month’s invoice must be paid before work can begin.

No, we start with just a 30-day commitment as you develop your relationship with your fCMO. Once you determine you’re a good fit for one another, your fCMO will require a 90-day rolling commitment to align with your 90-day marketing campaigns.

In order for your fCMO to build and lead an effective marketing team, they will need support from your HR team. For instance, your fCMO will rely on HR to publish job postings, conduct phone screenings, and check references. Your fCMO will interview candidates and assess their marketing acumen, but they will rely on others within your organization to assess culture fit.

No, we are not a marketing agency. In fact, we’re about as far as you can get from an agency. We believe that most small and mid-sized businesses need an internal marketing team (even if it’s small) in order to compete in this competitive environment. Our mission is to help you develop your internal marketing team to set your business up for long-term success. Building a team yourself can be daunting, and it can be costly if you hire the wrong marketing leader. When you partner with a fractional CMO, they will build the team, lead the team, and develop the systems to take the weight off your shoulders. And as the team proves itself, your fractional CMO will migrate into a more consultative role, staying by your side and providing advice for as long as you need them.