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If you want to increase your conversions, improve your search engine ranking, and produce engaging content, I can help. My experience in copywriting, blog post writing, and storytelling help you grow your business—providing you content that makes an emotional connection with readers and builds trust.

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About John

I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade, writing full-time for several marketing agencies and my own freelance business. During this period, I’ve written blog posts, website copy, ebooks, and other marketing materials for multimillion dollar companies, including Accertify, IT Authorities, Zig Ziglar, Hero Health, and many more.

I’m a 6x best-selling author (25,000+ books sold) and former TV writer whose work has appeared on A&E, Travel Channel, Nat Geo, and other major television networks.

Originally from Chicago, I’m an NBA hoops fanatic, meditator of nearly 20 years, and avid traveler, having lived on 3 different continents.

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