Alec Peeples

Fractional CMO
I specialize in helping small- and medium-sized businesses identify and communicate their unique values. With over a decade of marketing experience, I’m eager to learn about your business so we can get your message out to your target audience.



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As a fractional CMO and strategist, I work alongside business, marketing, and sales leaders to plan strategies that help them achieve their goals. I focus on establishing a rapport with each client, to ensure they are able to develop unique and focused campaigns that deliver results.

Previously, I was responsible for the operations management of a marketing and web design firm for nearly 10 years. I oversaw the business as the industry shifted from traditional to digital marketing. Experiencing this transition gave me unique insights that I apply in my current role as a fractional CMO and strategist. I also have real-world expertise in several other related fields, including graphic design, video editing, and audio production. For any business that is ready to embrace the opportunities of inbound content marketing, I am ready to be your partner and guide.

Outside of marketing, I enjoy motorcycle touring, playing music, and competing in endurance sports.


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