Ravin Nair

Fractional CMO
I help SMBs build and hire their in-house marketing capabilities, implement marketing systems, and transform marketing from an “activity” to a revenue-generating department



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As a fractional CMO and strategist, I am passionate about helping businesses develop their own marketing capabilities. I work with business owners and de facto marketers to create their marketing strategies and build systems that allow them to publish impactful content that ultimately propels sales.

Before deciding to pursue my interest in marketing, I spent five years working in the Australian healthcare industry. I experienced firsthand the struggles of people who sought a quick fix to their pain, but weren’t willing to invest the necessary time and effort for sustainable change. This taught me that no matter the challenge — with health or in business — people need to be fully engaged in order to achieve successful outcomes. I apply this by coaching my clients to nurture their own “marketing health” and work toward becoming self-reliant.

I’ve been a full-time fractional CMO and strategist since 2015. My experience spans multiple types of businesses and markets, from consultancy firms in Australia to IT service providers and gym franchises in North America and the UK. I’m looking forward to learning about your business and how we can make it grow.

Apart from inbound marketing, I am passionate about playing the drums, muay thai boxing, and eating good food.


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